Confident in your endpoint security?

How many people in your company work from home or conduct the bulk of their business outside the office wherever they have access to a wireless signal? Mobility is magnificent but it also creates a big challenge for IT staff.

On-the-go workers need network access to do their jobs. But that remote access comes at a price: when employees are beyond office walls and relying on wireless connections, protecting your systems and the devices that access them is priority. Online threats are everywhere and they’re growing in size and sophistication. A security breach that compromises your customers’ confidential information – and your reputation – could prove costly in more ways than one.

Your challenge in IT is two-fold: first, you must ensure continuous, up-to-date protection for all laptops, smartphones and tablets authorized to access the company’s servers. And then you have to make it happen without slowing down your systems - slower systems after all lead to a less productive workforce and if productivity drops, revenue is likely to do the same. That won’t sit well with the boss.

A hosted management and security platform strikes the perfect balance. It meets all your needs – and more. It’s affordable, intuitive and easy-to-use and you can deploy updates and address issues at a moment’s notice.

And with a can’t-sit-still workforce to oversee, you can rest assured knowing all endpoints are protected.

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The new necessity

Forget for a minute that an e-discovery request is linked to an investigation or law suit. Simply searching for specific electronic communications is a giant job. Email is the most widely used business application worldwide, with more than 100 billion messages sent and received every day. Sifting through the vast amount of electronic data that even a small business generates is definitely daunting.

Since the dependence on email isn’t diminishing, the need for a cloud-based solution that automates archiving has quickly become a necessity. Beyond organizing, storing and retrieving electronic communications with ease, it’s a priority to ensure the content of those communications remain unaltered.

But without the right solution at your disposal, the job of meeting and maintaining legal and regularity compliance is complex.

There are also the matters of efficiency and storage. How many times has a colleague requested help locating an old email, or digging up a deleted one? It wasn’t too long ago that close to three-quarters of employees asked their IT admins for help with these jobs. Think the percentage has dropped?

As for storage, what system administrator doesn’t want to make it last? A slow server creates two hassles: it hurts productivity and forces you to consider buying more space.

Hosted email archiving may not be glamorous. But it’s a mistake to label it a luxury.

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Stay several steps ahead

“The best defense is a good offense” is something you often hear in sports. But it’s a philosophy that absolutely applies to IT upkeep, too.

As an IT admin, you’ve surely felt the frustration that comes with reacting to an issue. Your blood pressure skyrockets when you realize the problem was easily avoidable – if you had the tools to proactively protect the company’s workstations, PCs and, of course, the network.

Let’s face it: There’s only so much of you, and your time, to go around. And since your work day fills up fast with fire drills, those maintenance jobs may take a back seat. Mundane as it may be, patching vulnerabilities and downloading the latest software updates are supremely important.

Cybercrime is big business, and online threats are increasingly tougher to thwart. The quicker you come to the logical conclusion, the better: It’s time to invest in a comprehensive, cloud-based management and security platform.

A hosted solution automates traditional time-draining tasks, enabling you to focus on priority projects. You can manage multiple vendors and licenses across an array of endpoints at any time, from virtually anywhere, with a centralized management console.

Some jobs are perfectly suited for automation. What’s holding you back? You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a good answer.

Ready to get started? ControlNow saves you time, cuts your costs, and ensures you’re in control of your IT estate.

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