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Visibility and control of your network. Proactive network monitoring.


Practice proactive monitoring

Ensure all workstations, servers and laptops operate at peak performance. Automated checks and customizable alerts enable you to address issues before they burn your business. It’s always better to foresee a possible problem than scramble to address one after it strikes. This requires quick and clear visibility of your IT environment. ControlMonitoring ensures you have it – at all times. Knowing which servers and workstations are reaching their limits gives you time to create and execute a plan before system performance and workforce productivity suffer.

  • Manage your systems from a single online console

  • Configure alerts to ensure you’re in control of your network

Disappearance of downtime

Downtime is your enemy, which means quickly resolving the issue is critical.  To do this, you need tools that are accessible from anywhere, at any time. ControlMonitoring enables you to remotely work on servers, laptops and PCs. As a result, your colleagues will really appreciate that addressing system performance problems no longer interrupts business operations.

  • Fix issues without disrupting end users via remote administration

  • Manage and control Windows® processes and services

  • Utilize remote commandline and scripts

Save significant time

How do you prefer to be notified when your help is needed? ControlMonitoring features automated alerting, which informs you via email and text messaging of any issue that needs your attention the moment the problem is detected. You’ll save additional time with the ability to automate corrective actions such as restarting a Windows service, or multiple services, upon a failure.

  • Automate corrective actions

  • Receive overdue and recovery alerts when servers are not responding

Pre-configured checks

ControlMonitoring includes several pre-configured checks that make it easier and faster for you to monitor your workstations and servers:

  • Critical events checks for any significant issues that require investigation

  • Physical disk health analyzes “SMART” disks for any errors

  • Backup checks to ensure there is no disruption in scheduled sessions

  • Antivirus checks to ensure definitions are current on all systems

  • Disk space checks available capacity

  • Windows service monitors for specific software disruptions

  • Event log monitors event logs with queries, which you configure

  • Drive space change monitors unexpected changes in disk space