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Seamless 365 Integration for an extra layer of protection


Microsoft Office 365 cloud service

Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service brings the benefits of cloud productivity to businesses. Its online email and office productivity tools save customers significant hardware and management costs.

There is a downside, though: one service can’t do everything well. Office 365 may handle email and office productivity tools well, but its other features suffer. In particular, its native security and archiving capabilities are limited.

Smart businesses will use an additional layer of Office 365 security, and that’s where Control Email comes in. This online email security product from LogicNow provides an additional layer of protection for Office 365 customers, blocking threats before they even reach a company’s Office 365 email server.

Boost Office 365 security

If you are using Office 365, or considering migrating to it from an in-house solution, think carefully. It has quickly become the email hosting solution of choice for many businesses, but using it without additional security protections could put you at risk. 

For example, the basic Office 365 spam filtering offering uses a simple, signature-only scan for spam and malware, for example, making it more likely that email phishing scams can still make it through to endanger your employees.

Control Email merges seamlessly with your Office 365 cloud service to provide an additional, robust layer of security and archiving, further protecting your users. It features several additional protections found only in a dedicated email security product:

  • Multi-layered email scanning. Control Email uses a powerful combination of virtualization-based scanning and zero-hour malware detection in combination with traditional signature-based antivirus engines.
  • Protection from direct tree harvest attacks that bombard email service with thousands of spam attempts.
  • Protection from high-volume backscatter, caused by spammers forging emails from your domain.
  • Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection that modifies itself as spam trends change.
  • Built-in standards-based encryption to keep your email communications confidential.

Confident, Competent Continuity

Email is the lifeblood of most businesses. If your email servers suffered an outage, your business suffers too.

You lose productivity, as employees struggled to communicate with each other.

You lose security, as employees resort to insecure personal email and file sharing sites to exchange information.

You lose opportunities, as sales calls and customer queries go unanswered.

Microsoft customers are all too aware of its Office 365 outage issues. On one day, the service went down for nine consecutive hours, causing angry complaints from customers.

Using a third-party email protection with Office 365 integration provides users with additional peace of mind. Control Email from LogicNow not only provides additional Office 365 security, but also enables users to continue sending and receiving emails during any Office 365 outage issues that might arise.

Effortless Office 365 Backup and Storage

Customers without proper Office 365 backup and storage risk noncompliance with industry regulations, and may also be unable to recover critical communications during future legal cases or audits. Office 365’s archiving option is limited in several ways:

  • Many Office 365 plans don’t offer archiving at all.
  • When it is offered, there is a confusing array of options, each with different characteristics. Not all of them protect emails from deletion.
  • Search and discovery in Office 365 is restricted. The number of mailboxes searchable via the build-in interface is limited, and the number of sources and keywords is also restricted.
  • Removing a user can also remove all of the archived messages for that user.

Conversely, LogicNow’s cloud-based Control Archive service has no restrictions on storage, and is appropriate for customers who are serious about compliance and preserving intellectual property. Control Archive is fully independent from Microsoft’s infrastructure, providing an extra layer of protection should any Office 365 outage issues arise.

Availability – email at your disposal, 24×7

Control Archive provides a secure, geographically distributed cloud-based archive. It features full Office 365 integration, but remains independent from it. It brings users the following benefits:

  • Strict data jurisdiction policies, ensuring that your data is stored only in legally-allowed regions.
  • Secure encryption for the upmost security.
  • Tamperproof storage, using an electronic ‘seal’ to prove that messages have not been altered.
  • Fully indexed, searchable messages, including the tagging of attachments for rapid retrieval.
  • Fast, role-based access to archived messages, providing authorized managers with easy search capability.

Don’t take any chances with your email. Paying a small amount per seat can give you extra peace of mind and protection. Click here 
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