Who we are and what we do

The IT needs of organizations around the world are growing in both volume and sophistication. Organizations that choose to manage all or portions of their IT portfolio themselves need tools that empower them to constantly monitor, manage and secure their network with minimum overhead, allowing them to focus on the value-adding aspects of IT for their particular business. In the mobile and connected world in which businesses now operate the only efficient and effective way to do this is via an integrated cloud-based solution.

ControlNow is LogicNow’s integrated remote management and security platform for IT administrators in end-user organizations, delivering operational efficiency and multi-layer security that allows them to help their businesses win through technology. The ControlNow portfolio also includes MAX Mail, the company's hosted email security and archiving service.

All ControlNow services are hosted, making it easy and cost effective to manage IT across multiple sites and remote workers.  The centralized web based consoles enable IT departments to proactively manage the performance, health and continuity of their network. 

ControlNow is one of the few ‘born in the cloud’ IT management solutions, enabling companies to deal with the new, emerging realities of IT in which the fragmentation of IT service delivery poses new challenges for IT administrators, charged with delivering secure business systems using a mixture of on-premise, cloud-based and mobile services and applications.

ControlNow is part of the LogicNow product portfolio. LogicNow was created when GFI Software restructured to support rapid growth across its portfolio. ControlNow is the LogicNow brand for the former GFI Cloud and MailEssentials Online products.